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November 2010



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Put on paws 2

not_purrrfect in purrfect_fanfic

7th Heaven Rewind Part 2

Title: 7th Heaven Rewind 2

Show//Movie: BTVS/7th Heaven

Rating//Warning: R for now. Because of cussing

Character(s)//Pairing: Ruthie/Andrew Ruthie’s POV

Summery//Prologue: Andrew runs after the fall of Sunnydale, and winds up at the Camdem’s church.

Disclaimers: Not mine, it’s all from the WB and also Joss Whedon and so on.

Andrew had been asked to Eric's den. He tried to stop his knees from bouncing nervously up and down.

Andrew told the whole sad/scary story and Eric sat there blinking at him. Andrew wrinkled up his nose in disappointment. "You don't believe me do you?"

Eric shrugged and said, "It's so far fetched, I just can't believe you Andrew sorry. Maybe you need some professional help.

In a very un Andrew like way he stood up and screamed at Eric. "I'm not making this shit up. Damn you! I have it on video tape if you want to see it, you do you hate me?" The words came out in a high pitched whine.

"Son, I don't hate you." Said Eric. "Ok let's watch the videos."

After about 3 hours of video later, Eric sat there pale and freaked out. "I had no idea, Andrew. I'm sorry for not believing you, but I'm a minister I didn't think God would allow such a thing to happen." He shook his head sadly. "So many dead girls, how tragic!"

Annie came in and asked if she could help Eric because of his pale face and his ongoing heart condition. Eric just popped his medicine and smiled first at Annie, then at Andrew. "No, I'm fine. But get Simo... I mean Martin's old room ready, we have a new guest.

Annie did as her husband asked. But she sunk down later that night, and watched the video. She vomited half way through. Ruthie came running, to help her mom. Eric was too medicated to hear the commotion. Ruthie asked her mom to rewind the tape and let her see it for herself. At the end Ruthie understood why her mom had thrown up.

With tears in her eyes, she crept up the stairs and into Andrews room and bed. She began to stroke his face whispering, "I'm so sorry Andrew. I heard What you told me but I couldn't picture it until now. Wow. God I'm so sorry!"
She hugged him. They fell asleep fully clothed. When Annie caught them in the morning she refrain from blowing her stack, she understood and knew nothing inappropriate had gone on. But she woke them both before Eric saw them.

Andrew suddenly got very interested in Church and atoning himself and forgetting the past. And he was in love with Ruthie, and she with him as well. A few months later Eric officiated at their wedding.

The End


Aww that was pretty cute.
Hugs and Thanks