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November 2010



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Put on paws 2

not_purrrfect in purrfect_fanfic

7th Heaven Rewind.

7th Heaven Rewind

Author’s note: I simply cannot stand Martin/Ruthie parings, sorry. Martin was a jerk and

Ruthie is way too good for him!

So this is a crossover with BTVS and Ruthie is hooked up with a good guy, not some boring guy like Martin.

Title: 7th Heaven Rewind

Show//Movie: BTVS/7th Heaven

Rating//Warning: R for now. Because of cussing

Character(s)//Pairing: Ruthie/Andrew Ruthie’s POV

Summery//Prologue: Andrew runs after the fall of Sunnydale, and winds up at the Camdem’s church.

Disclaimers: Not mine, it’s all from the WB and Joss Whedon and so on.

I was pissed off. I know I’m a PK (preacher’s kid) but hell, I have a life, I have hormones

And, I am above all a woman, (or soon to be a woman). Dad will never let me grow up! Yes I have a cell phone. But I don’t ever get calls except from family. Peter and his family moved away. He’s forgotten me completely. Vincent was/is an asshole! He cheated on me.

I’m down at Dad’s church I feel comforted and safe there. It’s Friday so no one is around to hear me cry. I crawl up under the choir’s area and sit on the floor and begin to cry silently. Then I hear someone else crying. I stand and look and I see a young blond guy crying his face is all red and wet with tears.

I wipe my tears and walk over to him. I introduce myself and ask him if he’s ok. “No! I’m not OK !” He yells at me. I begin to back up and walk away. “Fine!” I say I was only trying to help!"

“W-w-wait. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you, I know you were trying to help. I- I’m Andrew.
He wiped his eyes with his sleeve and smiled, and held out his hand to me. When I shook his hand I noticed how beautiful he was. Ya, ya I know boys are not supposed to be beautiful only girls were but… he was! He had curly sandy brown hair, and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. I sunk a look at his body he was well built as well. I could tell he was buff under his shabby looking clothes.
“Andrew, can I take you home to my parent’s house? You can get cleaned up (you smell kind of rank) and my brother Simon left some of his clothes at home. He’s about your size. It’s almost supper time and you look like you haven’t eaten in days.

"O-ok." he said sniffling. We talked a little on the way home. I'd asked him where he had come from and why he was here. But he said he wanted parental like folks around when he told his story. I shrugged and told him that that was fine with me. "You see..., he said. "I kind of think no one will believe me. It's a pretty scary story. So maybe your dad being a Reverend and all he will be OK to talk to. But on the other hand I just met a bad bad Reverend he killed people but I can't go into that now or I will start crying again.

They got to the Camdem's house and Andrew met everyone *well everyone that still lived there*. Matt was home and did a quick impromptu check of him to see that he wasn't in need of any immediate medical help. He wasn't.

Mom served up dinner and the twins came downstairs from their nap. And when they met Andrew they said "Hello Andrewwwwww..." in their special stepford wives like way. Andrew found it strange they were 7 and talked like they were 4. But it wasn't like him to be rude so he shook their hands. Mom insisted that he go up and bathe and put on some of Simon's old clothes before he sat down to dinner with the family. I showed him where the bathroom was and handed him some of Simons clothes. He thanked me and shut the bathroom door. I heard him turn on the shower and I bulshed. I wished I could see him naked. Mom would smack my face if she knew what I was thinking.

End of Part One.

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I've never seen the show, but it sounds very good, honey:)