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January 2018



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Put on paws 2

not_purrrfect in purrfect_fanfic

Camp/BTVS crossover

Title: Hey Do You Want To Come Out
Show: Camp/BTVS
Pairing: Andrew/Michael (and others from
Rating: R
Warnings/Notes: A silly little funny crossover
Disclaimer: I don't own the movie Camp or the characters and I don't own Andrew or BTVS either.

Andrew ran away from it all. Anya died, Amanda died, he survived, he wished he hadn't. He don't know where he was driving but he ended up at a place called Camp Ovation. And that is where the engine fell out of his car.

He walked shyly past the gates and into what looked like the office building. And made his way up to the door when OOMPH he was knocked on his scrawny little ass by a Spanish boy running in the other direction.

"Owwwwwww!" He cried out, and the boy looked down at him and grinned at him. "Hey I'm sorry guy. You ok?"

"I--I-I think so." Andrew said and was mesmerized by the boys green eyes.

"My name is Michael. I'm sorry for knocking you over I was trying to catch up with Vlad."

Andrew blinked. "Vlad? As in Dracula?" He said with total seriousness. Michael threw back is head and laughed loudly. "Yeah, as if! No vampires here man, just my boyf... my friend, his name is Vlad."

"Well, my car broke down out by the gate, do you know anyone that can get it going again?" Andrew asked

"Oh, hey, it's almost midnight. Just stay here tonight. We'll get you on the road again tomorrow." Michael said holding out his hand to Andrew. And there was an unspoken connection, an understanding between the two of them right then. No name calling no labels no nothing just acceptance.

Andrew met Vlad, Ellen, Dee and the teachers, who were all up late for midnight rehearsals for a benefit they were holding later this week. The all talked idly for a while. Then Michael asked him if he sang or danced.

"Only in the shower." Said Andrew shyly and that got a giggle from everyone.

Andrew sighed happily. He liked these people. He'd almost forgotten Sunnydale and all the crap that had gone down there. But it popped back to him like a flash bulb in his brain and he grew sad again. A tear trickled down his cheek, and it did not go unnoticed by the gang.

"What's wrong Andrew?" Said Bert, a weathered looking old man asked nicely.

"I just remembered why I ran away, and I don't want to remember it, any of it. I want it to all go away." He said sadly.

"Tell us about it." Said Michael softly touching Andrew's arm. "It'll help if you let it all out."

"I-I don't know if you'd believe me." Andrew answered back to him.

"Oh, go on try us. We want to hear it all." Vlad said sitting next to Michael possessively but trying to look friendly in the mean time.

"Um, Not tonight, I think I just want to go to sleep now, but I will talk to you all tomorrow about it ok? Hey Micheal, can you show me where I'm going to sleep tonight?"

"Sure." Micheal said and led Andrew off to the cabins.