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November 2010



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Put on paws 2

not_purrrfect in purrfect_fanfic

Queer Eye For The Dark Magic Guy.

Show/Movie: BTVS/Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

Title Queer Eye For The Dark Magic Guy

Rating: NC-17 Cussing

Characters/Paring: Rack/The Fab 5

Disclaimer: I don't own, I just borrow.

"Christmas Magic doses half off." said Rack to the big nosed blond effeminate guy.

"Oh HONEY! I can make my own magic Baby." Carson said fluttering and twirling around Rack's den.

"This is Horrrrrriiiibllleee!" Exclaimed Thom looking at Racks stuff. "Oh my gosh? Who did you get the furniture from? Satan?"

"That's not nice." Said Rack the magic in his fingers snap crackle and popping. "I could eviscerate you where you stand. So shut the fuck up."

Ted was in the kitchen looking through Rack's fridge and cabinets. "Dude, do you even eat? There's no food here."

Jai in the meantime admonished Rack for the bad language. "Rack, man ease up on the four letter words. It's Christmas after all. Make an effort to be polite!"

"Yeah?" said Rack. "Why should I?"

Kyan came up and was staring directly at Rack's scars and opaque eye. "Dude what happened to your face anyway?"

Rack went to hit Kyan and Carson tackled him before the blow could land. "Now stop it right now boys!" He tittered happily. Let's go shopping while. Thom and Ted take care of the den and the lack of food situation."

"B--b-but I don't want to..." Said Rack defensively.
Carson playfully slapped his hand across Rack's mutilated face and said. "Oh come now! Just give us a chance. You might be surprised."

TBC by the next reader. I started this you do chapter two, and so on for the next reader. LOL."